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Testimonials from our customers

About the Adjust-A-Lift products:

The Adjust-A-Lifts help me so much! Had to reorder them quickly--so impressed.  HH from NJ (2/10/15)


"5 years ago I suffered constant lower back pain after back surgery. At the time my physical therapist put an Adjust-A-Lift heel lift into my shoe (to correct the leg length discrepancy) and by the time I got home, the pain was gone. I'm able to greatly reduce my pain medication. The heel lifts have changed my life!"

- H., from MO


Thanks for all your support! I received my heel lifts today and after trying them on, I have to admit they are great! Its the first time since my hip replacement that I feel balanced, that alone will allow me to get back into the swing of things and enjoy life again.

A., from MD


I have to say this product (the Adjust A Lift heel lift) has been a life saver.  Can you believe that after seeing podiatrists for orthotics and having plantar fasciatis that not one doctor spotted that I had one leg longer than the other.  the 1/8" now gives me equal footing when I run while allowing my body to handle the stress equally.  My running has dramatically improved.  My walking stride has gone from a slight limp to a normal even stride.  At 51 this product could not have come at a better time.  I believe my running years have been extended because of it.

M. from CT


Your product has helped me with my back pain a great deal.  Thanks.

S. from VA


I heard about Adjust A Lifts through my PT who is helping me through some lower back injury issues. The lift I received from him was wearing out and I wanted to put separate lifts in different shoes (moving them from shoe to shoe was tiresome and wore out the adhesive). My PT figured there had to be a website. I just plugged in into my browser to see where it took me and it rerouted to Very simple. Thanks for the product, they've really helped my issues.  If anyone cares, I'm 38 years old with a L4 injury that led to some degenerative symptons.  Result was my body compensating to be lower on the left side.  The lift helped.  I wasn't exactly a sceptic, but I did wonder how much 1/4" of change would really improve my symptoms.  Quite a bit!

K, from MN


After my hip replacement surgery, my one leg was 3/8" shorter than the other--it was an awkward situation, and I did not want to have lifts put on all my shoes.  My podiatrist told me about your Adjust A Lift heel lifts--they are a god-send.  It took care of the problem immediately and they are comfortable.  Thank you!

M., from FL


I purchased two lifts (White Wedges) for my wife, to help correct her mild valgus in her right knee.  They are helping her problem.  I have a valgus deformity in my right knee and would like to try the wedges to improve the alignment.  I have retired from active Orthopedic practice.  I am very impressed with these wedges.  They don't deform like the felt wedges and they can be used in combination to double the thickness.  They are easily cleaned and sanitized.  A great product!

R.S. MD, from VA


I started having pan in my hip and sciatic nerve.  I had xrays that showed my hips were at an angle and I have some curvature of the spine.  My Dr referred me to physical therapy.  I have one leg shorter than the other.  My PT (UW Physicans) gave me one of  your heel lifts and your website address so I could order more.  Sure makes a difference.  Thank you so much for your great product!

C. from WA


10/10/14:  A customer of many years called to get her heel lifts replaced (with her Buy 3 or more and receive 1 free card) and she told me:  "Tanya, you have great service!"  She then ordered her 3+1 Adjust-A-Lifts AND a SureFoot cane.

B. from TX



About the Yoga/Pedicure products:


I already have one pair of black shoes, which I wear for pedicures and as comfortable knock-around shoes.  I wanted to get them in other colors . . . now I will have one of all the colors available and will probably order more if additional colors become available.

T., from TX


lready own . . . and LOVE ... Fusion Yoga Sandals.  Because of your lower price per pair when ordering more than one, I ended up with 3 pairs!  I will be back in touch in the future.  Thanks so much.

J., from O


I found you on the web . . I heard of this product and checked out various sites . . you were very explanatory and the 4th of July special made the decision . . . My friends and I are anxiously awaiting, Thanks again.

D, from IA


Bought my first pair at a little store in Rehoboth Beach, DE and found they are way better for my feet, hops and back.  Great product!!

G, from PA



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